A great start to 2011 – Google Ventures invests in LawPivot, launch of personalized recommendation technology, and more…

Since we started LawPivot, we have been laser-focused on easing the burden on companies, and especially startups, in finding answers to their legal questions in an easy and affordable way. This is our mission with our legal Q&A product, which we launched to customers in 2010. We will continue to innovate our technology even further in 2011, with the help of some fantastic recent developments that we would like to share with you:

Google Ventures

Google Ventures and Notable Angel Investors Invest in LawPivot
We are excited to announce that we recently secured new funding from Google Ventures and from Silicon Valley and New York angel investors, raising a total of $600,000 in the angel round. In addition to Google Ventures, we are excited to welcome our new investors Richard Chen, David Tisch, David Li, Nick Mehta, and Don Hutchison, who join our initial group of investors that includes lead investor David Austin, Allen Morgan, Deep Nishar, Chris Yeh and Nishith Desai. We would also like to thank Naval Ravikant and AngelList for introducing us to several of our new investors.

As former lawyers (at Apple and at major law firms) and also past entrepreneurs, we know firsthand how U.S. companies, and especially startups, struggle with high legal costs and face unnecessary hurdles in getting answers from legal experts quickly. Our aim is to provide the best and easiest way for companies to receive legal advice from lawyers, using our crowdsourced and confidential Q&A solution for companies. Wesley Chan, Google Ventures Partner, noted, “There are inefficiencies in the delivery of legal services, and there is a huge opportunity for a technology-driven disruption in the legal industry. The LawPivot team has created an intelligent online solution that connects companies to the legal answers they need. We are excited to work closely with the LawPivot team.” With our angel funding, we plan to further develop our Q&A technology and lawyer recommendation algorithm, which we describe below, and to reach out to more companies and lawyers that would benefit from our platform.

We believe Quora is an innovative Q&A platform that harnesses the interests of individuals in order to get crowdsourced public answers and gossip from those individuals. At LawPivot, we take that innovation one step forward by using Q&A to solve critical legal issues for companies — we provide them crowdsourced, confidential answers from legal experts.

Launch of our personalized recommendation technology, LawPivot Recommendations
We are excited to launch our personalized recommendation algorithm called LawPivot Recommendations. We think personalized recommendations — to properly find the most qualified people to answer a question — are an important next step in the evolution of Q&A products. LawPivot learns about the companies and lawyers on our system over time. LawPivot Recommendations then uses past and present data on users and trends to provide a company the best lawyers on LawPivot to answer its question based on the company’s specific needs. Our goal is to find companies the most efficient path to find experts to answer their legal questions.

We aim to constantly innovate our product, and we are excited about LawPivot’s future direction with our new investors and launch of LawPivot Recommendations. We also want to personally thank the LawPivot community of companies and lawyers who have stood by us since day one in our relentless pursuit to improve the way companies receive legal advice. If you are a new company or lawyer visiting our site, we encourage you to request an invitation to join our site for free at www.lawpivot.com.

Jay Mandal and Nitin Gupta
Co-Founders of LawPivot

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